Several years ago, a customer approached us with an interesting scenario:

We have a rating program that isn't what it once was and we've created a lot of versions and elements that are no longer used.  Is there a way we can essentially start over and use the latest version of our program as a base going forward?

This is a legitimate issue that customers are likely to encounter during their years of using Insbridge.  Rating programs can be in a constant state of change and while Insbridge is capable of handling these changes, it is possible that you get to a point where you would like to return to a cleaner state. 

As of this posting, there isn't a single button in Insbridge that a user can click to take care of this situation.  However, there are a few steps you can take to essentially start over without having to rebuild your program from scratch or manually review every part of your existing program.

Step #1: Copy version from Program A to create a new Program B with one version

Identify the program and version that you want to create your clean slate from (Program A), right-click the program version and select Copy, assign a new name to the copied program, then click the Copy button.  You will now have a new program (Program B) with a single version.

Purpose:  This step is necessary to create a new program with only a single version.  All elements/revisions of Program A, whether they are used or unused, will be copied to Program B.  This is why we have more steps that follow.

Step #2: Export Program B

In the Library module, make sure the View: is set to Export, click the New button, select Program B from the tree menu and click Save.  

Purpose:  Creating an export of Program B will eliminate the unused elements/revisions that are no longer needed going forward.

Step #3: Create Program C by importing Program B

Right-click Program B in the Export view and select Apply > New Program.  Select the Program Folder you would like the program to imported to and assign a new program name (Program C in this example).

Purpose:  By importing Program B and creating Program C, you now have a program in Insbridge that represents the cleanest possible representation of Program A.

Step #4: Delete Program B

In the Program Explorer, right-click Program B and select Delete Program.

Purpose:  Program B is not needed going forward and can be deleted.  Program C will be the program you use/maintain going forward.  Program A can live in Insbridge for as long as you think is necessary.


It's possible to create a new, clean program from another program in just a few steps.  The only downside is the additional integration/program-to-program changes that are necessary due to the nature of introducing new programs in Insbridge.  Those changes are most likely minor in comparison to the current, manual process of cleaning up programs.