Users can be given read and/or write access to various areas of RateManager.  User Groups are created first, with rights assigned to the group.  Users can then be added to any number of groups, depending on what the user needs access to. 

  1. In RateManager, navigate to Tools > Security and select Group Management.

  2. Click the New button to create a new group.  Skip to Step 4 if you already have a group that you wish to edit rights on.

  3. On the Add Group screen, enter a Name for the group.  Description, Location, and Email are optional.  The Audit drop-down has three options:

    None: Auditing will not be tracked for the group.
    Normal: All saves and deletes for the group will be tracked.
    High: All new items, saves, and deletes for the group will be tracked.

  4. Click the Save button.

  5. Select the group in the list and click the Rights button.

  6. Go through the options in the tree to assign rights to sections of RateManager.  

    Note: Checking a box at a parent level will not automatically check its child boxes.  Using the below screenshot as an example, if Variables is checked, Write Access must also be manually checked.

  7. Click the Save button.

  8. Navigate to Tools > Security and select User Management.

  9. Click the New button, or select an existing user and click the Edit button.

  10. To assign a user to a group, select a group in the right box (Select Groups:) and click the << button to move them to the left box (Member Of:).

  11. Click the Save button.